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Yarden Shishklick
Chicken shishlick's good...
When to it comes to chicken nobody seems to know it better or have a bigger range of prepared chicken products than Yarden. And one of its more popular already cooked products frozen is shishlick.
Tel Aviv
Holy Tel Aviv tours
No bars, clubs, or scantily-clad women. Tel Avivís religious council takes you on a tour of the cityís holy places, which are not as rare as youíd think. If you donít try it, how will you know?
Disabled skiing
Find out about how disabled people can go skiing in Israel. Sunorama is offering this winter, as they have in past years, a ski vacation to people who love the sport, but are physically handicapped.
Depression and Osteoporosis linked
Israeli researchers have found a link between depression and lowered bone density, an ailment that can lead to osteoporosis and fractures.
Borat goes to Israel
After infuriating the Kazakh authorities, Borat is coming to Israel. The British Jewish comedian Sacha Baron Cohen (35), better known as Ali G. will be arriving in Israel shortly to promote his blockbuster Borat movie.
Dutch do Israeli business
The Rafael Armament Development Authority has signed a deal with the Dutch government, which will see the Israeli company equip Dutch Air 20 F-16s fighter jets with systems developed by Rafael, and US company Northrop Grumman.
NextGen video
A consortium of seven of Israel's best and brightest companies involved in developing video infrastructure and applications delivery is looking to make video access mobile phones and internet better than ever. © 2005 - 2006 | a JMT Ventures site | Contact Us | Terms of Use