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Yarden Shishklick
Chicken shishlick's good...
When to it comes to chicken nobody seems to know it better or have a bigger range of prepared chicken products than Yarden. And one of its more popular already cooked products frozen is shishlick.
Tel Aviv
Holy Tel Aviv tours
No bars, clubs, or scantily-clad women. Tel Aviv’s religious council takes you on a tour of the city’s holy places, which are not as rare as you’d think. If you don’t try it, how will you know?
Disabled skiing
Find out about how disabled people can go skiing in Israel. Sunorama is offering this winter, as they have in past years, a ski vacation to people who love the sport, but are physically handicapped.
Depression and Osteoporosis linked
Israeli researchers have found a link between depression and lowered bone density, an ailment that can lead to osteoporosis and fractures.
Borat goes to Israel
After infuriating the Kazakh authorities, Borat is coming to Israel. The British Jewish comedian Sacha Baron Cohen (35), better known as Ali G. will be arriving in Israel shortly to promote his blockbuster Borat movie.
Dutch do Israeli business
The Rafael Armament Development Authority has signed a deal with the Dutch government, which will see the Israeli company equip Dutch Air 20 F-16s fighter jets with systems developed by Rafael, and US company Northrop Grumman.
NextGen video
A consortium of seven of Israel's best and brightest companies involved in developing video infrastructure and applications delivery is looking to make video access mobile phones and internet better than ever.
Yarden chicken legs
Yarden is big leggy
Like chicken leg but don't want the hassle of getting them raw, coating them and then roasting the pieces? Well, Israeli chicken experts Yarden offers one of the easiest ways to enjoy chicken legs.
Cruise ship
Crusing to Israel
Two major cruise lines have decided to renew services to Israel that were suspended during the height of Israeli-Palestinian fighting. Holland America is expected to resume its services in April of next year.
Roman Greenberg
Roman wins again
Roman Greenberg, Israel's premier heavyweight boxer successfully defended his Inter-Continental Heavyweight title by knocking out 31-year-old Russian Champion Alexei Varakin in the sixth round, at Monte Carlo, Monaco.
Big in Japan
Udi Aloni’s film Forgiveness did not win any awards at last week’s Tokyo Film Festival, which ended Sunday, but that didn’t stop it from being the most talked-about film at the festival.
Plaza Mall
Israeli store in Ramallah
The Israeli apparel chain H&O have opened their newest children store in an unlikely place: The Plaza shopping mall in Ramallah. The store is being operated by a local agent, and the owner of the mall said they are planning to open more stores.
Making nuclear safe
Find out more about how Israeli scientists are looking to make nuclear energy safe. As more and more energy is being consumed across the world, new forms of energy are being sought to cope with the demand.
Chickens for USA
Israeli Agriculture Minister Shalom Simhon and the US government agreed to advance the inspection of slaughterhouses in Israel in preparation for the coming renewed export of poultry to the US.
Elephants coming to Israel
Elephants in Israel
Soon Israelis will no longer be required to fly to Thailand to ride an elephant. This rare experience will soon become available in a unique Israeli park set to be founded in the Western Negev.
Sumo champs in Israel
Israeli sumo
When Zionist leader Max Nordau coined the phrase “a Judaism of muscles”, he probably wasn’t thinking about an Israeli sumo champion. Nevertheless, Oleg Smolensky was placed seventh in the World Championships in Sakai, Japan.
Honey bees
Bees like mammals
New research at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem has found that the molecular structure of the biological clock of the honey bee is more similar to the biological clock of mammals than to that of flies.
UK Jewish Film Festival
Israeli film treats
It's that time of year again for the UK Jewish Film Festival. As per usual, the event – which this year runs from November 4 – 16 – showcases some of the best new films from Israel. Caroline Westbrook runs through the highlights from the Holy Land.
McDonald's Israel
McDonald's Israel to grow
After launching 10 new branches in 2006 McDonalds plans on expanding its business in Israel even more, with 12 new branches planned for 2007 and 12 more in 2008. At least two of these branches will only serve kosher food.
IBM looks to Israel
A team of senior executives from IBM in the United States, including two vice presidents, are set to arrive in Israel at the beginning of next month in order to meet with venture capital fund managers.
Hassle free pomegranate
One of the nicest fruits is the pomegranate, but a major downside is that it can be quite a messy fruit to remove its juicy seeds. But now making a mess eating fresh pomegranate is a thing of the past thanks to prepared Israeli pomegranate.
Japan in Israel
Japanese culture has long fascinated Israelis; however a trip to The Land of the Rising Sun is somewhat costly. The solution, therefore, lies in a true Japanese experience closer to home.
Sven Goran Eriksson
Sven in Israel
Former England manager Sven Goran Eriksson has spent a day in Israel as a guest of the Peres Center for Peace. The millionaire Swede is in the Middle East as part of a project that aims to build bridges between Israelis and Palestinians.
Cancer patient help
A computer generated “virtual cancer patient” can predict how patients with advanced breast cancer respond to treatment with 70% accuracy and now Israeli biotechnology company Optimata, has won approval from Cancer Research UK.
Israel at 60
With 2008 marking the 60th anniversary of the creation of the State of Israel, plans are already being made as to how the year will be celebrated in the UK. Among the highlights is a star studded event at London's Albert Hall in May 2008.
New campaign for Israel
A new Israeli Tourism Ministry campaign has been launched with a NIS 150 million (£19 million) budget to encourage incoming tourism. The campaigns are specially-tailored for each specific market and specifically target Jews and Christians.
Maccabi Haifa winning
There was much joy in the northern city of Haifa Thursday evening as their Maccabi team defeated A.J. Auxerre of the French premiere league 3-1 in the first match of the group round in the UEFA Cup tournament.
Combatting blindness
An Israeli company which has set its sights on providing an effective drug to combat a cruel vision loss disease has just got one big step closer to its goal.
Making movies
Lovely films
"Women about love", a compilation of female-directed short films, premiered at Haifa's 22nd Annual International Film Festival. Comprised of six short documentaries, it of stories through the eyes of female writers and directors.
Padani comes to the UK
Israel's Padani jewellery chain is set to open its first store in the UK. Benny Padani owner of the upscale retailer said he expected the branch in Kent to make over £3m in its first year of operation.
Fancy chatting
Looking for some funky images to show when having a webcam chat with a friend or group of friends? Well, an Israli company has developed software that allows anyone using a webcam to customise their appearance when being viewed by others.
Use your etrog
Another year, another sukkot and with that comes the rather awesome citrus fruit, the etrog. Once you've done all you holding and shaking of the etrog with the lulav, there's plenty of life left in the etrog for adding to food. Find out more.
Segway in Jeruslaem
Jerusalem on wheels
A new tourist attraction has started in Jerusalem: Guided Segway tours along the "Commissioner's Palace" promenade. The Segway, a motorised two-wheeled vehicle, will take visitors on an hour long tour.
Israel into Europe
Israel's under-21 team has qualified for the first time to European Championship Football tournament next year. The team, coached by Guy Levy, beat France's under 21 team 1-0 scored by Amir Taga in the 93rd minute of the game.
Desk Trainer
No pain, all gain
If you are getting pain in your hands or back when sitting or doing work on your computer, an Israeli company can help you relieve those pains through a series of online tutorials.
Israel's Eurovision makeover
Following one of its worst results in contest history, Israel is to radically alter its approach to selecting a song and performer to represent the country at Eurovision 2007.
Sukkah sales increase
A 20 percent rise has been reported in the 2006 sales of ready-made sukkahs in comparison with last year’s figures. The Manufacturers Association of Israel said that some 25,000 ready-made sukkahs have been sold.
Digital billboards
London's streets will soon play host to an innovative new digital billboard technology from Israel that promises to revolutionise the world of outdoor advertising.
King David's spa?
There's a buzz of excitement among archeologists. In recent days, archeological digs in Jerusalem revealed a tunnel that, according to a number of estimates, leads to a pool used by King David.
Israel in Europe
The UEFA Cup draw for the competition’s group stage was Tuesday at 2 p.m. in Nyon, Switzerland. All of the heads of Israeli soccer team Hapoel Tel Aviv were on hand for the event, with some of them making the trip prior to Yom Kippur.
Help for infertility
Two recent studies by Israeli teams provide some very good news for women who are experiencing difficulty getting pregnant or are prone to miscarriages.
Jakko Isenberg
Israeli idol
Jakko Isenberg wins A Star is Born, the Israeli version of American Idol and then after a number of interviews, his viewpoints and opinions are revealed. Find out more about the man.
Investing in Israel
The Bank of Israel announced that, despite the war in Lebanon, foreign investment in Israel totalled $480 million during the war. Foreign investment totaled $358 million in August alone.
Microsoft buys Gteko
Microsoft is to acquire the Ra'anana-based startup Gteko Ltd in a deal that will see the software giant pay $110 million for the acquisition of the Israeli company.
Yarden chicken sausages
Yarden chicken sausages
When it comes to quick and easy meals, Israeli food manufacturer Yarden comes trumps. Famed for its chicken and turkey meals, Yarden seems to do well with whatever it offers. And it doesn't get any better than Yarden chicken sausages.
Ancient synagogue
Ancient synagogue discovered
The secrets of an ancient synagogue, dating from around the 3rd to 6th century CE, were discovered completely by accident near Kibbutz Maoz Haim. Underneath the remains of a Bedouin cemetery, built on the ruins of an old Arab village, a Jewish town was found.
Going bananas
If you eat five bananas a week, there's a good chance that one of them has its genetic origins in Israel. Find out more about how bananas have their roots in Israel.
IKEA Israel
Ikea increases business
Ikea Israel registered record sales in August with the company's revenues reaching NIS 52 million ($11.5 million) – a 17 percent rise in comparison to sales in August last year.
Sporting web
A new sports website created in Israel and aimed at fans of sport across the world has gone live. Sportingo, which allows fans to get their comments and thoughts published online.
Israel loves chocolate
A survey carried out by the Dun and Bradstreet business information company ahead of the Rosh Hashana holiday found that Israelis consume an average of 3 kilograms (6.6 pounds) of chocolate per capita per year.
The Gate
The Garden
A mysterious complex situated adjacent to Jerusalem Theater spooked many Jerusalemites for over 120 years. Hansen’s Disease, erroneously identified as Bible’s leprosy, has been eradicated, but mystery remains.
Shaar Peer
Israel sport
The five most significant events that took place in the Jewish year 5766 in terms of Israeli sports – from Averbuch, Doron and Peer to the clashes in Sakhnin and the Israeli basketball team's failure. What made your year worth remembering?
Fighting epilepsy
Most people think that epilepsy is under control; that it is an 'old time' disease which barely manifests itself anymore among the 450,000 Britons who suffer from the neurological disorder.
Bat Sheva
Aussie bat Sheva
The Bat Sheva dance ensemble accepted an invitation to open an international dance festival this January in Sydney, Australia. The troupe will present a composition by Ohad Naharin called “Telophaza,” which premiered last year at a festival in Eilat.
Barnes & Noble
Barnes & Noble for Israel
American book chain Barnes & Noble may open its first store in Israel . An Israeli businessman is holding talks with the chain to receive the franchise to open the store.
Shin Bet seeke techies
The Shin Bet security service is seeking IT experts to assist in the war against terror. An advertising campaign was launched under the title 'Needed: High Tech People to Foil Attacks'.
Dead Sea
Dead Sea eating
The Dead Sea is not just a place to relax and float, it's also home to some great places to eat. Use our guide to plan a night out with a fantastic meal, from veggie to fish, there's a good cohice of places to choose at the Dead Sea.
Garden Time
With dozens of miles of new jeep paths recently opened in Jerusalem corridor, you can get from Beit Shemesh to Jerusalem without traveling on the roads
Fighting heartburn
You may fight heartburn by occasionally taking a tablet, or just might ignore it, but what is often viewed as mere discomfort can develop into a very serious medical condition.
War and theatre
The Second Lebanon War is coming to the theatre. The Haifa Theatre, which had to stop running during the war, has started working on a new project, “Heroes Against Their Will”.
Castro expands
The Castro chain is expanding its brand name and opening concept stores for shoes and accessories under the label CASTRO Shoes & Bags. The first store opened on the shopping street in Jerusalem,
Fuel from algae
Two Israeli companies are developing a cost-effective, energy efficient fuel made from micro-algae feeding off carbon dioxide emissions.
Travel to Haifa and discover the city's terraced landscape which offers a rich variety of breathtaking panoramas, giving the observer the sensation of being on a heavenly peninsula.
Racing comes to Israel
Good news for horse lovers and gamblers: In about a month, during the holiday of Sukkot, a hippodrome will open in Israel. The hippodrome will open next to the Gilboa mountains.
TransPharma Medical
Patches on your skin
Israeli biomed startup TransPharma Medical hopes to change the way drugs are delivered into our bloodstream - goodbye needles, hello patches.
Rockfour keep on rockin'
If you're a fan of Israeli music then chances are you'll have come across Rockfour, the psychedelic rock trio who are one of the country's most successful bands.
Yotam Halperin
Israeli in NBA?
Will Yotam Halperin be the first Israeli basketball player in the NBA? It certainly seemed so on Monday with the arrival of his American agent, Jason Levine, to Israel. Levine landed in Israel with a contract offer from the Seattle SuperSonics.
Pomegranate combats diabetes
Researchers from the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology say that pomegranate juice may provide important health benefits for diabetic patients.
Yizhar Smilansky
Death of S. Yizhar
The writer S. Yizhar, one of Israel's prominent writers of the founding generation, passed away last week aged 89. He leaves behind a wife and three children.
Nok Out
Exporting ice cream
Like selling ice to Eskimos? The Israeli plant of Swiss food giant Nestle will be exporting its "Nok Out" ice cream bars to Switzerland. The popsicles will be marketed in Switzerland under the brand name Heaven.
Fruits in Israel
A new study about the consumption of fruits and vegetables in Israel revealed a fact known to most parents: Children are not keen on eating fruits and vegetables. Most adults surveyed said they prefer watermelon to other seasonal fruits.
Northern Negev
Kibbutzim, moshavim of the northern Negev are alive and kicking. Even during the hot August nights a pleasant breeze blows, and nobody goes to sleep at 9 o’clock anymore.
New light on cancer
Forcing cancer cells to shine could activate light-sensitive drugs that are then able to kill them without damaging healthy tissue nearby, according to new Israeli research.
Neshama Carlebach
Neshama Carlibach in Israel
In a purple-plastered basement studio the harmonious cacophony of concert preparations crowded the air as we waited for Neshama Carlebach, daughter of the legendary spiritual singer Shlomo Carlibach and an artist in her own right, to emerge from rehearsals.
JLO goes to Israel
The Women Only chain has been awarded exclusive rights to market Jennifer Lopez's JLO brand in Israel. The male and female undergarment brand bearing the name of the popular American actress and singer is considered particularly popular among females aged 12-27.
Taxis take credit
Local credit card companies are launching a new service in Israel that will allow taxicab users to pay for the service with their credit cards. The new service will be offered initially only in the Tel Aviv area.
Northern tourists come back
While residents of the upper Galilee region in Israel are making their way back home, tourists are also planning to "storm" the north, even if only to enjoy the last rays of summer sunshine.
Euroleague goes to Israel
Next year basketball's Euroleague Final Four will be held in Athens, and Euroleague officials have given the task of organizing Final Four events to Israeli-owned Comtec, headed by Daniel Benaim.
Helping stroke victims
Israeli researchers have developed a virtual shopping centre that helps stroke victims improve their cognitive functioning and recover strength in their upper bodies.
Ori Kaplan
Introducing Ori Kaplan
While Jewish musicians have a tendency to perform with a number of different bands, few seem to be quite as busy as Ori Kaplan. The Israeli-born saxophone player is a member of no less than eight different groups.
On the waterfront
Israel is setting standards in developing new water technologies that nations like Britain will be looking to as clean water sources become scarcer throughout the century.
Organic fruit
Going organic
According to the Israel Bio-organic Agriculture Association, Israel’s bio-organics industry is thriving as the country’s kibbutzim and moshavim continue their organic farming efforts to produce a wide range of fresh vegetables, fruit, spices, and field crops.
Biking in Israel
Get biking in Israel. Find out more about a delightful trip in Israle that is open to all levels to complete.
Stopping cancer
There may not be an obvious path from developing ways to grow larger peaches and nectarines to discovering a way to stop the growth and spread of cancer cells - but that has not stopped Professor Oded Shoseyov.
Monster House
Monster maker
Israeli producer Gil Kenan, is busy promoting his animated movie Monster House breaking box offices throughout the US, but spends every spare moment listening to news from the Mideast.
More PR in Israel
A long-established Israeli PR professional, who has represented Ehud Olmert, Israel Aircraft Industries, and others, has joined a fast-growing US public relations firm to open offices for it in London and Tel Aviv.
Solar power
Solar power
Israeli researchers have been working with solar power for decades, from developing solar panels for rooftop installation to heating residential units, and creating a giant solar collector for Israel's Technion Research Institute.
Tram in Jerusalem
January 15, 2009. This is the date planned for the opening of a Jerusalem tram system, the first of its kind in Israel. The Jerusalem tram will precede by at least two years a similar mode of transportation in the Tel Aviv and Gush Dan area.
Mind over sport
Thanks to an innovative programme developed by researchers at the Wingate Institute, Israel's National Center for Physical Education and Sport, the Israeli athletes for the 2008 Olympics are going to be mentally prepared.
Help with walking
An Israeli company has developed a new device that can help patients suffering from paralysis of the foot due to central nervous system injuries learn how to walk properly again.
Gil Shohat
Gil Shohat interview
He's likeable, sophisticated, media-savvy, something of a celebrity in his native Israel, dedicated, unpretentious, successful, and very, very talented. Meet Gil Shohat.
Sandisk buys M-Systems
SanDisk, the California-based supplier of flash memory data storage cards, has acquired Israeli company M-Systems a manufacturer of storage solutions. The deal is worth $1.35 billion.
Zlango it
Have you ever sent a text message on your cell phone, looked at the black and white letters, and wished that there were another way to convey your silly joke or sappy love note? Thanks to the technology of Israeli startup company Zlango, there will be soon.
Low cal choice
Half of the households in Israel have a habit of buying low-calories products according to a survey conducted by the Food Industries Association. Some 32 percent of households buy low-calorie dairy products, yogurts and cheese.
A ranch in the Negev
Has anyone managed to drive for five miles in the Galilee without coming across a sign for the nearest guest house? But the Negev is something else entirely. In the Negev you can drive, and drive, and drive, and it’s as if there is nothing there.
Help for stroke victims
Israeli researchers have developed a virtual shopping centre that helps stroke victims improve their cognitive functioning and recover strength in their upper bodies.
Gad Elbaz
Gad Elbaz interview
Meet 24-year-old Israeli singer Gad Elbaz who is on his way to become the next Latino superstar and he says he wouldn't mind doing a duet with Christina Aguilera.
Doing the biz in Israel
In the second quarter of 2006, 109 Israeli hi-tech companies raised USD 404 million from venture investors – both local and foreign, The IVC Research Centre reported.
Treating Alzheimer's
Researches at Ben-Gurion University in Beer Sheva develop unique computer program to assist patients with Alzheimer's cope with memory loss.
Elsa's Story
Elsa's cookies
There's something truly special about Elsa's Story. This Israeli bakery manufactures a wide range of products and its range on offer in the UK seems to be increasing all the time and now strawberry biscuits are here.
Tourists want to see katyushas
Since last Thursday evening the site of the Katyusha landing in Haifa’s Stella Maris neighborhood has become a pilgrimage site to the city’s residents and tourists.
Israel baseball
A team of 10-12 year-olds from Israel is winning games in European Baseball Championships. Find out more about how well they are doing.
Medical research
Omega-3 combats depression
Treatment with omega-3 fatty acids could benefit children suffering from clinical depression, according to a pilot study conducted in Israel. Twenty children suffering from depression were involved in the study, which took place at Ben Gurion University.
Gila Almagor
Gila Almagor interview
For Gila Almagor there's no place like Israel: "When I wake up in the morning to do my work as an actress, this is a paradise, a land of endless opportunities." In an interview she speaks about Munich production, Spielberg and more.
Women leading kibbutz business
Over the last five years 2,000 small businesses were opened in kibbutzim in Israel with 680 of them opened by women. The most popular new businesses in kibbutzim are art workshops, spas, shops and tourist attractions.
Frum IT training
The growing demand for hi-tech employees in the heart of Israel and the increasing salaries in the industry has brought IT company Malam Group to the decision to start recruiting and training manpower coming from the haredi sector in the software field.
British Guard
"British" are back
Royalty is back in Jerusalem, or at least royalty manners: As part of the 40th anniversary of the Six-Day War, in which Jerusalem was liberated, guards dresses as British soldiers will be stationed at Jaffa gate.
Andy Ram
Israeli wins Wimbledon
Israeli tennis player Andy Ram and his Russian partner, Vera Zvonareva, have won this year's Mixed Doubles title at Wimbledon after defeating Americans Bob Bryan and Venus Williams
Medical research
Kosher fatbuster
ArtJen Complexus Holdings has announced that its has received kosher certification from Rabbi Gabriel Zinner of Brooklyn, New York for FBCx, the fat fighting fiber tablet.
Natalie Portman
Portman gets naked
American-Israeli Hollywood star Natalie Portman is about to appear fully naked in her new film Goya's Ghosts – a historical drama describing the life of the famous Spanish painter Francisco Goya.
Text appeal
Kontera, an Israeli company that allows website owners to maximise revue opportunities on the content that appears on their site has secured $7m investment to expand its operations.
Searching through boards
An Israeli based in Ramat Gan has enhanced a search engine that allows users to search through messageboards. Omgili from computer programmer Ran Geva is still in beta and has already indexed thousands of messageboards.
Aroma in New York
The first branch of the Aroma chain outside Israel will open at the posh Soho area, on Houston Street, which is considered to be one of the most central and busiest streets in Manhattan.
Israel Wonders
Wonder of Israel
First there was Go Israel, then came Think Israel and now the Israeli government is providing tourists with Israel Wonders, its latest site to offer useful information on the country and what tourists can do.
Rise in betting
The World Cup soccer games have brought to a sharp increase in sports betting in Israel. According to the Israel Sports Betting Board and other sports betting and gambling officials, gambling went up between 50-100 percent.
Send in the clowns
Women trying to conceive a child through IVF treatment are more likely to be successful if they add a sense of humour to their life, new Israeli research has found.
Noa Tishbi
Noa Tishbi
Sexy Israeli actress Noa Tishbi has recently completed filming for her role in the new film "Fatwa," in which she plays a terrorist who cooperates with an Arab terror organization. Find out more.
Boom in economy
Israelis are buying more, manufacturing more and exporting more – according to an analysis of the Israeli economy in the past three months.
Aladdin stops trojans
Tel Aviv-based Aladdin Knowledge Systems has gained a patent for technology that protects against dangerous threats ob the internet such as Trojans and other devious methods to gain control of computers.
Lehem Erez
Erez Komrovsky
Israel's most famous baker talks about his passion for fresh, unique bread. Meet Erez Komrovsky, man that made sourdough and yeast fashionable.
Idan Tal
Idan Tal interview
Idan Tal began to play soccer when he was only 11. Twenty years later he's got a brilliant international career. Yedioth Ahronoth Magazine asked him series of questions beginnig with ' when was the last time that ...?'
Art in Israel
A public auction in Israel reported record high proceeds: $3.6 million were spent by affluent art collectors to purchase paintings by leading Israeli artists.
Avishai Cohen
High priest of jazz
Israel is renowned for exporting some of the finest jazz musicians in recent years and Avishai Cohen has to be at the top of the list. His instrument of choice is the double bass which he plays with passion and determination.
Israel for business
Israel is one of the hottest places for venture capitalist nowadays and a global player in innovation, the leading internet technology and financial news magazine in the Silicon Valley, Red Herring, has recently declared.
Teaching English
An Israeli software company which has developed software that can teach English to non-speakers in around 15 hours has signed a deal to supply the Malaysian Ministry of Education. EasyReader, which has been offering language software since 1996 is based at the Granot Initiative Centre.
Looking to London
One of Israel's best known food manufacturers Strauss-Elite is to list on the London Stock Exchange. The move is part of plans to raise additional money as well as help it expand its operations globally.
Zurich in Jerusalem
The center of Jerusalem is expected to change beyond recognition within two to three years, when the place will become a crowded area similar to Zurich's famous Bahnhofstrasse in Switzerland.
Noam Okun
Noam Okun
Hailed as one of Israel’s brightest tennis players, Noam Okun has been a regular fixture of the tennis scene since turning pro at the age of 18 in 1996. Ranked number two in his home country, 6 footer Okun has played against some of the world's best.
Minstry of Health
Healthy Israel
Want to get information on health services in Israel? Then Israel's Ministry of Health offers an English language version providing plenty of pointers to what facilities are on offer.
Infected Mushroom
Fun Guys To Be With?
If psychedelic trance music is your thing, then you probably know all about Infected Mushroom – but if it's not your thing, then this Israeli duo could certainly get you addicted.
Psychological games
An Israeli company is developing a series of computer games to help children who are dealing with emotional and psychological problems. Zipland Interactive, based in Tel Aviv has just launched its first game, Earthquake in Zipland.
Knorr rice
Knorr blimey
If you've got five minutes, what is the best way to make the most of it if you are looking for something kosher and tasty? Well, Knorr's rice dishes take just five minutes to prepare and offer one of the tastiest rice dishes in town.
Sumo in Israel
Sumo in Israel
Thirteen of world's best sumo champions recently visited Israel as part of a tour that aims to strengthen Israel and Japan ties. The 13, who were guests of Israel visited Jerusalem and some of its most famous sites included the Western Wall.
Israel cricket
Israeli cricket
Cricket in the Middle East? Yes, that's exactly what is going on in Israel as the country celebrates in 2006, the 50th anniversary of the first all Israeli match which took place between Tel Aviv and Be'er Sheva.
Every breath you take
Having to take a liver biopsy may soon be a thing of the past thanks to new technology from an Israeli company. Hadasit, which is a subsidiary of Hadassah Medical Organization has acquired the rights to BreathID from Oridion Systems.
Terry Poison
Good poison
Having made a name for themselves on the Israeli dance and club scene, Terry Poison a trio hellbent of delivering quality electro dance have now arrived in Europe and on British soil.
Israel sponsors business
The Technology Incubators Committee at the Israeli Ministry of Industry, Trade, and Labour has approved the establishment of four new companies. The ministry will grant these companies NIS 8.2m (UK £1m)
Virgin appoints Emblaze
Emblaze has announced that Emblaze Mobile, its handset design and manufacturing company, has been appointed by Virgin Mobile to manage its exclusive Lobster mobile phone range.
Israel 4 All
Tours for disabled
Travelling to Israel for those who are disabled or with limited mobility can be very daunting, but there's help being offered by a tour company who can put together tours to experience everything the country has to offer.
Ben Sahar
Sahar goes blue
With his boy band looks, 16-year-old Ben Sahar is one of Israel's brightest football players and has now been given an opportunity to prove himself in England by signing to Chelsea.
Help for Parkinson's
The Michael J Fox Foundation has given a grant of $490,000 to an Israeli company that is developing a special skin patch to help those who suffer from Parkinson's disease.
Roni Ben-Hur
Ben-Hur rocks
Roni Ben-Hur has been recording albums for a decade and in that time, this Israeli jazz musician has been winning fans across the globe with his musical delights.
Castro by Speedo
Israeli fashion chain Castro Model is launching a new men’s swimwear line with Speedo International. The new Castro Men by Speedo line is part of the company’s ongoing marketing strategy aimed at expanding its business.
Zone 4 Play
Be a winner
Interactive gaming company Zone4Play is powering a new mobile service being offered by text broadcaster Teletext. Under the Winner Channel brand which is promoted by Two Way TV, Teletext will offer its audience a range of games including roulette and dice.
Jerusalem eating out
Jerusalem offers a plethora of places to eat and drink. In all over 600 restaurants compete for your business offering eveything from the cheap and very cheerful through to upscale dining where only booking in advance will do.
More stays in Israel
The number of overnight stays in Israel's hotels is on the up. In April, 1.8 million stays in Israel took place, an increase of 10 percent from the previous year.
Israel ball game
Baseball, while not big in Israel is still popular. Alan Abbey recalls his experience and thoughts of this US sport in the land of milk and honey.
Jewish Baby Names
A name to show
What do you give the Jewish baby who has everything? How about their name in Hebrew on a special birth plate that they can treasure for later on in life. The birth plates are made in Israel and shipped to anywhere in the world.
Israeli dancing
Dance yourself Israeli
For anyone who has ever fancied doing Israeli dancing, a new London class is taking place every Thursday evening in Golders Green, north west London. Strictly Israeli Dancing offers both dance to traditional and modern Israeli music.
Africa Israel
Israeli firm to float
Africa Israel, one of Israel's biggest companies with interests ranging from leisure to technology is to list its European property division AFI Europe on the AIM stock market.
World Cup goes mobile
An Israeli company that is focused on providing mobile content for football fans is getting into the mood for the World Cup with its unofficial offering. Downloads include ringtones as well as animated look-alikes.
Israel tops taste test
Israeli hummus is the best according to a recent taste test conducted by The Independent newspaper for its weekend magazine. The Tsabar hummus, marketed under the brand name "Jordan Sabra" received the highest score: 4.5 stars.
Tel Aviv
Loving Tel Aviv
Record numbers of tourists are flocking for Israel's city of fun - Tel Aviv. In 2005 over two million hotel booking were made to stay there and over 190,000 Brits made Tel Aviv their choice of holiday during the year.
Pull and Bear 2006 collection
Fashion group expands
Youth fashion company, Pull and Bear has opened two new flagships stores in Tel Aviv: One in Dizengoff Center and the other in the Azrieli Mall. The retailer, part of the Inditex Group which also includes Zara is developed in Israel by Africa Israel.
Hebrew book week
8,405 new titles – books, journals, cassettes and CDs – were released in Israel in 2005, according to a new report released in advance of Hebrew Book Week which starts on June 7.
Whale Communications
Microsoft buys Whale
Software giant Microsoft has purchased Israeli Whale Communications based in Rosh Haayin, near Tel Aviv in a deal estimated at between $70-80 million. Whale was formed in 1998 as a start-up and specializes in secure remote access.
Getting really mobile
How many times have you been annoyed when someone sends you something on your mobile, but it just doesn't seem to be able to be accessed? With the slogan, Any Media, Any Network, Any device, Adamind
Shahaf lemon cake
Shahaf lemon cake
When it comes to ready made cakes, those made in Israel tend to be up there as among the best and Shahaf with its lemon cake without sugar carries on this tradition. Taping into the diabetic market, Shahaf's lemon cake offers a tasty treat.
Israel tourism rise
The number of British tourists visiting Israel in the first three months of 2006 is up from the previous year. A total of 36,833 travelled to Israel in 2006 compared to 32,351 in 2005.
Cycling for kids
Hundreds of cyclists, clad in colorful helmets, sunglasses and biking tights, took to the streets to raise money for the Eli organisation, the Israel Association for Child Protection.
Treating wounds
An Israeli company is developing a new form of relief for people who suffer from diabetic ulcers and venous ulcers as well as other wounds to the skin. EnzySurge, based in Shoham has already raised several million dollars to fund its technology.
Rock with Amstaff
With hints of Red Hot Chili Peppers and Linkin Park, Israeli band Amstaff are turning heads and showing that Israeli musicians can deliver great sounds and not just conform to the norm.
Nice talking to Ja!
Looking to make calls for free or very cheap rates without the need to wear a cumbersome headset? Well, Jajah which has its R&D in Israel has come up with an answer.
Getting mobile with content
The Dead Sea
Eating at The Dead Sea
The Dead Sea is not just a place to go to in order to gain some therapeutic relief to many medical problems, it's also a great place to go to experience world quality food. From veggie to meat feasts, it offers a vast choice.
Sumo wrestlers
Israel turning Japanese
A delegation of 15 top-ranking Sumo wrestlers is scheduled to arrive in Israel in June, according to sources in the Israeli embassy in Tokyo. The planned visit is part of an initiative aimed at promoting Japanese tourism to Israel.
Ice Hockey
Ice Hockey expansion
A new international skating and ice hockey centre, the first of its kind in Israel, will be constructed in Hod Hasharon, just north of Tel Aviv. The $15m project will hold 5000 spectators and will take 14 months to build.
Israeli Dimaond Industry
Diamond Israeli geezers
They say diamonds are a girl's best friend and nothing is as precious as a diamond, but when it comes to working with these gems, Israel is one of the world's leading countries and now it is looking to start telling the world.
World Music Israel
Music from Israel
A group of self-managed Israeli musicians have created a website to showcase their work as well as of other local peers. Currently the site, World Music Israel offers five artists with selections of their music.
Israel doing well
Israeli technology firms take 16 places in magazine Red Herring's latest 100 Europe list. After the UK and France, Israel has the third largest number of businesses listed in the annual report that has been published for 10 years.
Agritech 2006
Improving agriculture
A high level meeting between India and Israel this week will discuss better co-operation between the two nations with regards to developing technology to improve agriculture. The two countries will be at the Tel Aviv-based Agritech 2006 Conference.
Eat out in Tel Aviv
Tel Aviv eating
Looking for somewhere to eat in Tel Aviv? Want to impress a friend, relative or business associate with your knowledge of where is the right place to be seen in? Well, here's some handy tips of places to eat in Tel Aviv courtesy of Think Israel.
Think Israel
More tours to Israel
The choice of airline and travel operator to fly to Israel looks set to increase following Israeli tourism minister Abraham Hirschson announcing deals with two of Europe's largest travel companies starting this summer.
Israel hockey
Israel on ice
Despite recent setbacks with its national ice hockey team including a 12-0 lose to Great Britain last week, Israel is still optimistic it has what it takes to be a leading country in ice hockey.
Colon viewing
An Israeli company is at the forefront of technology that allows doctors to investigate the gastrointestinal tract for problems related to it without the need for discomfort during tests.
Israel scoops Oscar
Israel is on the map, no only when comes to the European basketball league but also in the Oscars. Not the "grownups" Oscar ceremony, but an Oscar awards ceremony, no less, for young filmmakers.
Mobile phone
Emblaze grows
Israeli mobile phone technology company Emlaze has more than doubled its sales according to its latest financial results. The first quarter this year has also started off well with revenue just over $100m.
Microsoft invests in Israel
Software giant Microsoft is beefing up its research and development in Israel with the appointment of its vice president of TV to oversee technology development in Israel.
Osem tomato rice soup
We’ve been fans of Osem for many years and the Israeli-made products it makes are some of the best food you can buy. Among its staples is tomato soup with rice. Like its cousin, chicken soup with noodles, this is fast, easy and convenient soup that is tasty.
Tel Aviv beach
Pride for Tel Aviv
Work is underway in conjunction with Israel's Ministry of Tourism to turn Tel Aviv into a international tourist destination for the gay-lesbian community.
Maccabiah 17
Maccabiah 17 flashback
Every four years, the Jewish version of the Olympics takes place in Israel. The Maccabiah celebrated its 17th event last July and despite it being well and truly over until the next one in 2009, the site of the games is online higlighting what happened.
Vivaldi potato
The diet potato
A potato that has proven to be a hit with those on diets is being grown in Israel when off-season in the UK. The Vivaldi potato currently sold at Sainsbury's under the Taste the Difference’ premium range of products.
2006 Israel Festival
The 2006 Israel Festival is scheduled to open on May 23 and will last for three weeks. This year it is expected to host dozens of dance, theatre, and music performances, as well as multi-disciplinary works from 11 countries.
Book store expands
The Tzomet Sfarim bookstore chain has opened its flagship store at the Dizengoff Center mall in the heart of Tel Aviv. The branch, which is the chain's third store at the mall, joins the other 45 branches already operating across the country.
Future of the Net
Israeli business magazine TheMarker hosted 'COM.vention', a conference earlier this month looking at what the future has in store for the internet both in Israel as well as across the world.
Osem chicken noodle soup
Chicken soupin' good
Want to make a chicken soup that tastes just as good as your mother's? Or maybe come pretty close to it? Well, Osem's chicken noodle soup is probably the closest you will get.
Dead Sea
Dead Sea treatment
People suffering from psoriasis and other skin conditions can combine a holiday with treatment for their condition at Israel's Dead Sea. With its natural therapeutic conditions, the Dead Sea has been used as healing centre for many years.
Eyal Berkovic
Pioneering Berkovic
With a wave of new Israel talent playing in English football including Idan Tal and Yanav Katan, it's hard not to forget that Eyal Berkovic was a forerunner to them.
Help with pain
Israel's office of the Chief Scientist has awarded a $1.3m grant to Rehovat based Pharmos corporation to develop new drugs that can help relieve pain from patients.
David Deri and his parents
Israel at gay film fest
Two Israeli films are to be shown as part of the 21st Turin International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival. In David Deri's documentary 'Say Amen', Deri reveals how he is coming out to his orthodox family.
Stars of poker
Israeli owned poker site, PokerStars, is set to float on the London Stock Exchange with a valuation of around $2bn. According to The Sunday Times, the world's second largest online poker company is looking for a floatation later this year.
Taking security seriously
It's not just Norton and McAffe who are giving the world protection against computer viruses and offering computer security, an Israeli company Finjan is leading the world when it comes to helping businesses protect themselves.
Osem tomato soup
You say tomato
Osem makes one of the biggest ranges of kosher food products in the world. This Israeli-based company which is majority owned by Nestle also happens to produce some of the tastiest products around as well including tomato soup.
Jerusalem for free
Free Pesach in Israel
Want free access to some of Israel's best tourist attractions? Well, over Passover you don't need to pay to visit them. Israel' s largest bank, Bank Hapoalim is underwriting the costs to open 37 of Israel's most popular tourist sites.
Hallie Cohen
Softball coach for Israel
An American who is the head softball coach at William Paterson University in New Jersey is to be the head coach of the Israeli National team which will be playing its first games this summer in preparation for the 2008 summer Olympics in China.
Medical research
Better testing of drugs
Following recent concerns in the UK over the way in which human drug trials have gone wrong, Israeli scientists have developed a pioneering way to conduct drug trials on rats that can mimic the affects on humans.
Israel dance day
Dance yourself Israeli
Children from across the UK including those from London, Leeds, Manchester and Glasgow have taken part in the 16th Annual Children's Dance Festival organised by the Israel Dance Institute (IFDI).
Israeli's take AIM
London's Alternative Investment Market has proven to be a popular choice for Israeli businesses looking to raise finance. Last year 16 Israeli firms raised money on AIM, which is part of the London Stock Exchange.
Birthday Forever
Happy Birthday online
How would you like to manage your birthday online? A trio of Israelis have launched a new website that allows people to manage their birthday online.
Israelis shop local
The Israeli consumer public purchases more Israeli-made food products and fewer imported goods than they did four years ago, a survey by the food branch of Manufacturers’ Union shows.
Shahar Peer
Watch out for Peer
About to turn 19 on May 1, Israeli Shahar Peer looks set to become one of Israel's finest tennis player. She was ranked 33 in March this year and has made a name for herself by playing in some major tennis tournaments including the US Open and Wimbledon.
The Troupe
The Troupe is back
After months of searching for the perfect cast, the Habima Theater in Tel Aviv has announced the start of rehearsals for the musical The Troupe. The production, based on the cult movie directed by Avi Nesher, will premiere on May 29.
Tackling weight
An Israeli medical company is developing what it hopes will be a drug for controlling the intake of food and if it succeeds with its plans, new hope can be offered for millions of people across the world who suffer from obesity.
Shaking hands
Doing the biz
If you have always wanted to do business in Israel but don't have an idea what is the etiquette for doing so, a website has all the basics you need when dealing with Israelis.
Speech-Over Studio
Making your point
An Israeli software company has launched an addition to Microsoft PowerPoint that allows users to add voice to their presentations. Tuval Software Industries' Speech-Over Studio allows presentations to be made with voice included in them.
Knorr rice curry
Knorr's nice rice
Looking for something easy to make that goes well with meat or chicken, well Knorr's Rice with Curry pretty much does what it says on the packet. simmer it for five minutes and you've then got a hot and tasty side dish to go with your meal.
Israel parks
Israeli park life
Interested in exploring the parks and nature reserves that Israel has to offer as part of a holiday? Israel's Nature and National Parks Protection Authority provides a valuable website to help tourists find out more about what is on offer.
Roman Greenberg
Roman boxing invasion
Maidenhead-based Israeli heavyweight boxer Roman Greenberg is now starting to show that when it comes to being a pro, he's got what it takes. Earlier this month, the 23-year-old won the IBO Intercontinental heavyweight title.
Frum women dancing
There is nothing especially newsworthy about a college-level dance course. But one such program in the West Bank is just a bit different than most: classes are for girls only.
Yael Nizri
Israel chooses its Miss
A student from Kiryat Shmona in Israel has been chosen to represent Israel at this year's Miss Universe contest which is due to take place in July. Yael Nizri, 18 beat 20 other Israeli women to be crowned Queen of Beauty.
Israeli biz acquires Arab portal
Internet Gold, one of Israel's largest digital media companies has acquired a 51% stake in Yahala, a popular internet portal aimed at Israel's 1.5million Arab population.
Getting active in the UK
Israeli developed and founded ActiveShopper which provides consumers with a price comparison service that can be accessed via toolbars on a computer has teamed up with online shopping comparison service to offer a complete shopping experience.
Israel tours for RSY
Israel tours for RSY
Reform Jewish youth movement RSY-Netzer is to send three full tours to Israel for the first time in five years this summer sending 117 teenagers to the country. This compares to two tours last year and only one tour in 2002 and 2003.
Idan Tal
Tal moves to Bolton
Israel international midfielder Idan Tal is the latest Israeli footballer to join an English Premier league team. The 31-year-old, who was born in Petach Tikva, is leaving Maccabi Haifa to join Bolton Wanderers in a two year deal.
Great grapefruit
A grapefruit a day could well keep the doctor away according to a new study undertaken by Hebrew University School of Pharmacy. Those who ate a grapefruit a day were able reduce the levels of cholesterol in their blood than those who did not.
Eddie Butler
Butler goes to Athens
Singer Eddie Butler has been chosen to represent Israel at this year's Eurovision Song Contest. Butler triumphed at the Kdam – the Israeli national final to choose a song for the contest – with his song Ze Hazman (This is the Time).
Construction work
Polar invests in UK property
Israeli based Polar International Real Estate is upping its UK property portfolio by investing $15m in a new joint venture. The Polar Investments subsidiary has joined forces with two other partners and will own 39% of the company.
Watching domain names
Israeli-based domain name registration company Domain The Net is offering domain name owners a range of new services to protect their domain names from being taken by domain name thieves.
Olivia Gourmet
Give it a dressing up
Got a salad and want to give it something more than a standard oil dressing? Well, Israel's Olivia Gourmet offers a range of dressings that can help transform any salad and make it into something special.
Jewish Princess Challenge
Hayley wins Princess vote
Hayley Goldenberg has been crowned Jewish Princess by winning the vote for British Emunah's Jewish Princess Challenge. The vote, which cost £1 by text has helped Emunah to raise upwards of £500,000 to help children in Israel.
The cost of feminine hygiene
Being a woman is costly indeed. Israeli women spend some NIS 207 million (USD 45 million) every year on hygiene products, according to the Credit Information Association (CIA).
New art prize
The Rappaport Foundation has established a new prize, named after Ruth and Baruch Rappaport, to be awarded on a yearly basis over the next decade to two painters, a veteran and a novice, that live and work in Israel.
Lev Leviev
Leviev comes to London
Israeli billionaire and the world's largest privately owned diamond manufacturer, Lev Leviev is to take on mighty De Beers by opening a chain of retail outlets to sell diamonds. The first Leviev will open in London in the spring.
Blogging Israelis
Israeli businesses are to get a free seminar on the impact of blogs and how best they can use them to grow their business. Blogging presents another communication way for Israelis to enhance their businesses potential.
Food for seniors
An Israeli catering company is developing a range of food products aimed at senior citizens. The first product from Shefa Group is ice cream which has been made to be rich in calories, protein, vitamins, and fiber.
Tourism goes online
The Israeli Ministry of Tourism plans to spend 30 percent of its advertising and marketing budget on luring tourists to Israel through the Internet.
John Barnes
Israel tackles football racism
Former England international footballer John Barnes has gone to Israel to spearhead a campaign stop racism at football matches. Based on England's Kick It Out campaign, the Israeli version aims to create a better atmosphere between Israelis and Arabs.
Magnetic treatment
Depression is a common problem for many people which not only affects them but also their family and friends as they attempt to deal with the condition. Jerusalem-based Brainsway offers Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation to treat the brain.
Roger Waters
Roger Waters goes to Israel
Israelis are getting excited at plans by rock legend Roger Waters to visit Tel Aviv in June. A founder, singer and bassist of Pink Floyd, Waters was a major part of the band during their golden decades between 1965 and 1985.
Zone 4 Play
Zone expands to Australia
Israeli developer of interactive gaming Zone 4 Play which has built up its client base in the UK is expanding to Australia. Games on offer to Australian players will include bingo, lucky numbers as well as lottery.
Google Israel
Google appoints R&D head
Google has hired Dr Yoelle Maarek, formerly a senior manager at the IBM’s research laboratories in Haifa, to head the company’s new research and development center in Haifa.
Cigarim are smokin'
Despite its name, Cigarim have really got nothing to do with smoking, though they are cigar shaped. Best described as an Israeli take on Chinese spring rolls, cigarim are long thin pastry rolls that are filled with either minced meat, usually lamb or potato.
Tel Aviv
Idol in Tel Aviv
As American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson goes to Tel Aviv at the end of March, Something Israeli offers a quick five things to do in this modern city that is also Israel's 24 hour city that just never sleeps.
Gunners promote Israel
Israel is to be the official tourist destination for north London-based Arsenal Football Club for the next two years as part of a £350,000 deal which will see it being beamed on electronic perimeter boards, website and team magazine.
Hummus good for teeth
Hummus, tehina, cheese and avocados have more than just protein, they are good for your teeth too. According to the Israeli Health Ministry, these foods prevent sugars from sticking to the teeth and can minimize the risk of cavities.
Hebrew Hamlet
Hebrew Hamlet
Shakespeare's Hamlet in Hebrew is among the highlights of a special six month event that will be taking place from January 2007 to June 2007 in Washington DC as part of a tribute to one of England's finest playrights.
Better business comes to Israel
Are Israeli consumers finally going to have a gritty, independent consumer organisation? Emun aims to be an independent authority that will provide consumers with information on how various companies and shops conduct business.
Google Israel
Say Shalom to Google
Google has now officially opened up for business in Israel and plans to localise many of its online services into Hebrew in the coming months. The move aims to meet the needs of Israeli internet users.
Israeli food expansion
Israeli food companies have invested $200 million in the establishment and purchase of companies abroad in 2005, according to Ron Kobrovsky, chairman of the Food Industries Association at the Manufacturers Association of Israel.
King's City
Enjoy a King's life
If you thought Eilat was just sun, sea and sand, well, it is also now home to a multi-million dollar theme park with last year's opening of King's City located at the edge of the city's promenade.
Jonathan Erlich
Israel's tennis ace
Originally from Buenos Aires in Argentina, 29-year-old Jonathan Erlich is one of the leading names in Israeli tennis and has shown that he is an international force to be reckoned with when playing doubles.
Cleopatra’s Choice
Drop Dead Sea gorgeous
Looking for a more natural way to keep your skin looking good and to improve its quality, well, Israel's very own Dead Sea has been providing useful treatment for all sort of skin conditions and manufacturers have been bottling its beneficial properties.
Israel's Eurovision hopes
With this year's Eurovision Song Contest final set to take place in Athens on May 20th, Israel is getting ready to choose their entry. The annual Kdam-Eurovision – the TV show where their song is selected – will be held on March 15 in Jerusalem.
Israel improves consumer safety
Israel has become the latest country to sign a Statement of Intent with the US Consumer Product Safety Commission to improve the safety of consumer products. Under the Statement, both countries will work together to improve communication on consumer safety.
Babylon translates Wiki
Wikipedia, the user generated encyclopaedia has now been enabled to allow easy language translation of the words that appear in it. Babylon, an Israeli company based has made its translation software compatible with the online encyclopaedia.
Ice Hockey
Ice Israel
As the world is focused to the Winter Olympics in Torino, Italy, a group of Israeli women are looking forward to taking part in the next one in 2010 by playing Ice Hockey.
Checking diabetes
The UK looks set to be one of the first countries to benefit from a new Israeli-developed diabetes checker that removes the annoyance of having a pin prick into a finger to check glucose levels.
Yossi Vassa
Ethiopian Jewish comedy
As project Operation Promise puts the issue of Ethiopian Jews back on the agenda, the story of one man and how he made it to Israel is a story worth hearing. "It Sounds Better in Amharic" is performed by Yossi Vassa who arrived in Israel aged 10.
Delta Galil
Israel's undie success
Even wondered who was the behind the label that made the underwear for your behind? Well, those socks and other intimate apparels that you wear have probably been manufactured by one of Israel's leading textile companies.
Managing your Outlook
Is the sheer size of your email getting you down? Is it getting hard to manage and organise everything with Microsoft Outlook? Well, an Israeli company based in Halamish has come up with an add-on to Outlook to help you out.
Telma chicken noodle soup
Telma chicken noodle soup
It's often said, that no one can make chicken soup better than your own mother, but the reality of course is that if you really knew how your mother made it, you might be somewhat surprised. It could well be Telma chicken noodle soup.
Israir comes to the UK
Israel's second largest airline, Israir is to start offering flights to Tel Aviv from Stansted Airport, Essex. The service starts from April 2 and will operate three times a week. Flights will depart on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday.
Ice skating
Israelis on ice
Barring any last-minute surprises, Galit Hayit and Sergei Sachanowski will take to the ice Saturday night as the favorites to become Israel's first skating medalists at the 2006 Winter Olympics in Torino, Italy.
Detecting HCV through saliva
A way to test for the Hepatitis C virus (HCV) through saliva in the month, rather than a blood test has been developed by an Israeli company and is proving to be an effective way for detection of the HCV.
Zen Micro MP3 player
Israeli music downloads
Israeli music fans can now legally download Hebrew songs from the internet and pay only a few shekels per each song. The new site, which is operated by MSN Israel offers albums and songs released by Israel's three major record companies.
Doing business online
Givony, one of Israel's leading names in leather products is turning to eBay to sell its products to customers outside the country. Inspired by Italy and using Italian leather for its products, Givony is based in Nes Ziona.
Striking gold with water
Water purification is big business and Israeli-based TreaTec21 is looking to claim its stake in an industry that is worth billions of dollars every year.
Gate Gourmet
Gate opens in Israel
Airline catering giant Gate Gourmet which suffered from a long and bitter strike with its workforce at Heathrow Airport is looking to expand its operations into Israel.
Think Israel
The Brits are coming
Israel is once again proving a popular destination for British tourists with record numbers travelling there. In 2005, 157,600 Brits went to Israel for a holiday, up by seven per cent on the previous year.
Israel football team
Israel takes on England
For the first time ever, Israel will meet England is a competitive football match as the two countries have been drawn to play in the same group for Euro 2008. Other countries in Group E are Croatia, Russia, Macedonia, Estonia and Andorra.
Berry takes on flu
A natural way to combat flu that is made with elderberry extract is also looking likely that it an be used to combat Avian Flu. Developed in Israel by Dr Madeleine Mumcuoglu, Sambucol has been available for over a decade and can be taken on a regular daily basis.
Doing it Sub's way
He's been described as the prince of Israeli hip-hop and in less than a decade, Subliminal has grown from rapping in his native Israel to an international audience and in the process setting up a whole lifestyle brand based around his success.
Do business with Israel
Doing business with Israel
Looking to do business with Israel? The 6th Go4Europe conference will be taking place at the Hilton in Tel Aviv and aims to provide an opportunity for both Israelis and Europeans to meet up, schmooze and discuss ways in which they can do business.
Mobile device
Mobile music downloads
Next generation mobile phones and devices are being targeted for a service developed by an Israeli company that allows music to be downloaded legally. Nareos, says it has a catalog of over one million songs.
Still got a etrog?
With etrogs costing £10 or more, it seems a shame to not use them once Sukkot is over. Why not try some of our suggestions to turn this biblical citrus fruit into a modern culinary delight?
Eilat offers
With its promise of sun, sea and relaxation, Eilat is making offers to encourage Brits to visit it for a week or two. Whether you want to live it up or just go for something basic and use what you save on eating and going out, Eilat is tempting tourists.
Israel Baseball League
Israeli pro baseball
A vision for a professional baseball league in Israel is fast becoming reality. The all-American sport has always had much interest in Israel but never on a real professional level and the Israel Baseball League is looking to put things on a pro footing.
Israel grows its own
Seaweed-based meals used in sushi are both tasty as well as very healthy and now Noritech, an Israeli company is developing seaweed products that can be produced in on-land ponds instead of just the ocean.
Shiri Maymon
Say shalom to Shiri
The last time you may have heard of Shiri Maymon was at last year's Eurovision Song Contest. The sultry songstress finished in a very respectable fourth place with her ballad The Silence That Remains.
British energy in Israel
BG Group, the British-based global energy company is looking to expand its business interests in Israel as the country begins to offer favourable conditions for foreign businesses to supply energy.
If you are looking to make and receive phonecalls through your computer using VOIP, an Israeli company has developed technology that allows both VOIP calls to be made as well asc regular calls.
Yarden turkey
Turkey for all
Thin slices of turkey breast with a light smoky taste is what Yarden's poultry packet is all about. This versatile product can serve two people either as a tasty sandwich or as a terrific salad. It doesn't get any easier that these turkey packets.
More flights to Israel
Israel's second largest airline, Israir is gearing up for major expansion following news that the Israeli government is to lift a restriction on competition to El Al across numerous routes in and out of Israel.
Israel at the races?
Israel could soon by setting up horse racing tracks and allow legal betting on horses. If plans go ahead, British expertise in the game may be tapped into and provide Israel with world-class trainers and jockeys.
Sleep can combat ADHD
Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) is a serious condition that affects parents across the globe and Israeli researchers have found that it may be linked to sleep.
David Grossman
Samson's story
Like many mythological figures, the biblical Samson crosses national boundaries to find his place as part of the general arsenal of world superheroes. A new book by David Grossman explores Samson.
Intelligent Airport
Landing investment
An Israeli company that helps airport owners with control systems of their airfields has attracted investment from British venture capital company 3i. Transtech Control with headquarters in Herzlia supplies its system to over 100 airports across the globe.
Ynet uses CastUP
Time to CastUP
One of the leading providers of technology that allows video to be broadcast across the internet is Tel Aviv-based CastUP. The Israeli company has become a world leader in the distribution of video though it innovative technology.
Yad Sarah
Help with travelling
Tourists with special needs or limited mobility travelling to Israel can get help to make their stay as hassle free as possible. Voluntary organisation Yad Sarah is offering assistance to those who need help in getting around the country during their stay.
Yanav Katan
Katan can do
His British debut may have been as a substitute against Norwich City, but West Ham Israeli footballer Yanav Katan is looking forward to playing more for the team he joined officially at the start of January.
About Hadassah
Until Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon went in to Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem, much of the world knew very little of this pioneering medical facility. For over 90 years, Hadassah has not just been helping people in Israel but also throughout the world.
Live And Become
Live And Become review
Live And Become tells the story of a young Ethiopian boy who escapes the famine in his country to begin a new life in Israel. Caroline Westbrook offers her verdict.
Get busy with Israeli fizzy
Since 1903, SodaStream has been helping people make soft drinks in the privacy of their own home and saving money in the process. And behind SodaStream is an Israeli connection - Soda-Club International.
Kingston U3 device
Take it with you
Over the last few years, portable memory devices have become incredibly popular. The ability to save onto a device means you can take your data wherever you like. One of the latest developments in portable data storage is U3 technology from Israel.
Bamba Snacks
La La Bamba
It's made out of corn, it's puffy and it tastes of peanuts. Well, it can only be Bamba Snacks, one of Israel's most popular snacks. Millions of people munch through the bags every year in Israel as well as being exported to countries all across the globe.
Tel Aviv
Gay times in Israel
Israel tourist chiefs are planning to launch a range of initiatives to increase gay tourism. Proclaiming itself as the only country in the Middle East where being gay is not against the law, it prides itself on its tolernace in such cities as Tel Aviv.
Arcadi Gaydamak
Gaydamak moves on Pompey
The son of one of Israel's richest men has emerged as a 50% buyer of struggling British football club Portsmouth. London-based Alexandre Gaydamak, 30 is the son of Arcadi Gaydamak.
Science gets personal
Scientists and doctors from Israel's science and technology university the Technion are taking part in a project which will see five Technion facilities join together to locate genes that will help develop drug therapy that is tailored to patients.
Omri Levy
Omri presence
If you're a fan of American Gary Jules, British James Blunt or Canadian Daniel Powter, then you'll love Israeli singer-songwriter Omri Levy. He's everything this trio are – and more.
Gatwick Hilton
Israeli buys Hilton hotels
Managed Hotels Unit Trust, an Israeli-backed property company owned by property magnate Yigal Ahuvi has emerged as the buyer of 15 Hilton Hotels in the UK for £382m.
Jerusalem College of Technology
Technology study
Israel's Jerusalem College of Technology recently hit the headlines when a lunch meeting with media mogul Rupert Murdoch was auctioned off on eBay with all proceeds to benefit the college. Find out some more about the college.
Yarden chicken
Chicken tonight?
As a nation of poultry lovers, one of Israeli's finest exports is all things feathered, or in the case of chicken, all things plucked. And it doesn't get plucking better than frozen chicken from Yarden.
El Al
Fast check-in for checking out
Israeli airline El Al is now making it even easier to leave from Tel Aviv and Eilat with the introduction of town and hotel check-in services. The new service allows travellers to drop off their baggage either a day before they fly or the morning.
Sven Goran Eriksson
Truce makes its mark
England football coach Sven Goran Eriksson and his Jewish girlfriend Nancy Dell’Olio are to make a donation to the Peres Centre for Peace in Tel Aviv as part of their charity Truce.
Olga Raz
Eat bread, lose weight
An Israeli dietician, Olga Raz, is set to become the new Atkins and help people lose weight without the need to lose carbs or suffer side effects with the publication of The Bread for Life Diet.
Raz Hartman
Rockin' Raz Hartman
With his trademark white Yamulke and Rasta-like payot, Raz Hartman comes across as being a cool frum Jew, comfortable with his religious perspectives and wanting to share it with other people – which he's done through his music.
Teva's great deal
By the middle of January 2006, Israeli drugs company Teva will have merged with Florida drugs company Ivax to create the world's biggest manufacturer of generic pharmaceuticals.
Combating computer viruses
Combating computer viruses
An Israeli PHD and his team is working on developing an antidote to computer viruses that will stop them in their tracks.
Shawarma at Solly's
Good golly its Solly's
What started off as a small Israeli takeaway restaurant, Solly's Exclusive in north west London's Golders Green has emerged as one of the biggest kosher restaurants in Europe.
Judean Hills
Hiking in Israel
Colourful scenery, archeological sites, vistas, memorials, ruins in autumn finery all within reach of Jerusalem.
Car racing
Israel revs up
After years of political lobbying by racing drivers and fans, the Israeli parliament has given approval for the country to host organised motorsports involving cars and motorcycles.
New hope for flu vaccine
It costs business billions of dollars every year through people taking time off from work because they have a flu and are bedbound. Now, BiondVax, an Israeli company is working on a intra-nasal flu vaccine that aims to treat most types of flu.
Eyal Golan
New heights for Golan
He’s been described as the Israeli answer to Ricky Martin crossed with the UK’s Robbie Williams and he’s coming to the UK. Eyal Golan, one of the most popular singers in the Israeli music industry is to headline Wembley next May.
Israeli man of the year
David Wiessman, the head of Alon, one of Israel's biggest companies which owns a large stake in Israeli energy as well as fast food restaurants including Pizza Hut has been named Globe magazine's Man of the Year.
Protecting the web
As more and more business is being conducted over the internet, companies without adequate security procedures can be a sitting target for hackers. Israeli company Applicure aims to help businesses stop hackers.
Olivia sauces
Cooking up something saucy
If you've ever seen the Olivia Gourmet range of sauces at your local kosher emporium and not been tempted to indulge in their delights, you're missing a treat. Find out more about using Olivia with your cooking.
Western Wall
Western Wall gets upgrade
Jerusalem's Western Wall which has traditionally been used for barmitzvahs and other Jewish gatherings is to undergo a major renovation costing around $15m. As well as improving the area, a new visitors centre will open early next year.
Jeremie Kletzkine
Virtual Israeli sport champs
The games may be virtual but Israel is taking a team of six to the real city of Dallas to compete in the international Cyberathlete Professional League's Winter Championships at the Hyatt Regency Hotel.
A better pill to swallow
An Israeli company based in Yoqneam has come up with technology that is no bigger than a pill but when swallowed can help discover what problems a person has with their intestine and it's proving a reliable way to help people.
Liel and Bill
Swell Liel the singing sensation
At the age of just 16, Israeli singer Liel has performed with everyone from former president Bill Clinton to German rockers The Scorpions and she's also mates with Elton John and Bono. Not bad for a teenager.
Ness Technologies
Ness merges IT and managed services
Global IT outsourcing company Ness Technologies is growing its business with the formal setting up of a dedicated division in Israel. While, Ness itself has always had one of its headquarters in Israel, the move sees Ness Israel as a unit for the region.
Search forums
When it comes for doing certain searches on the internet, sometimes Google is not always best. While it is great for general searching, more specific search engines can often find what you are looking for. And now and Israeli company has made searching forums easy.
Yarden Chicken Shawarma
I feel like chicken tonight
Want to make your own shawarma at home? Over the last couple of years, a number of Israeli manufacturers have offered frozen shawarama and previously the choice was just turkey. Now, Yarden offers instant chicken shawarma which is available chilled.
Travel to Jerusalem
More tours to Israel
Upscale travel company Cadogan Holidays has added Israel to its list of destinations offered to clients for 2006. The initial offerings feature 12 hotels across Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Herzliya and start from £38 a night per person.
Map it out
One of the best ways to combine sport and travel is orienteering and Israel offers regular national as well as local events attracting hundreds and sometimes 1000s of participants.
Cancer treatment
New cancer findings
New ways to fight cancer could be helped by the latest findings by Israeli researchers. At Israel's Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, medical researchers discovered cancer cells are finding new ways to become resident to chemotherapy drugs treatment.
Say hello to Izabo
Israel has always had a flourishing music scene, but one band to break out of the Holy Land and find success elsewhere are indie rockers Izabo. Lead singer Ram Shem Tov talks about the band's slow but steady rise to fame and singing in English.
Plastic shed made Keter
Israeli plastic people
Next time you get a bathroom mirror or other plastic furnishings for your home, it's quite likely that Israeli firm Keter is behind it. Its products are sold through some of the biggest names in home improvements including Home Depot in the US and B & Q in the UK.
Intel's big investment
Intel, the world's biggest computer chip maker is to open up a new factory in Israel to build its new high-tech chips. Over the next few years, the company plans to create more than 2,000 new jobs at the new Kiryat Gat location.
Instant mash from Osem
Mash it up
The Chinese and Japanese may have given us instant noodles in a cup, so what does Israel do to satisfy the kosher palate when wanting something that is quick, easy and filling? It gives the world mash potato. And Osem is the market leader.
Second Home in Israel
Second home in Israel
If you travel on a regular basis to Israel and are fed up with the cost of renting somewhere to stay, then you may well like to consider buying your own pad. Not only will you get a place to stay while you are out there, but you can also rent out to others while you are not there.
Chanoch Nissany
Israeli boy racer
Formula One racing has fans all over the world and for decades every boy's dream at some point is to be a racing driver. Well, Chanoch Nissany has realised that dream and earlier this year became the first Israeli to be a Formula One driver.
Biting matters
Many people just can't get a good nights sleep due to gnashing and gnawing of their teeth and even worse, their gnawing can lead to permanent damage to their teeth and constant headaches. But now an Israeli company can help diagnose the condition.
Oded Fehr
Not just a mummy's boy
With his dark looks and suave style, Tel Aviv-born Oded Fehr is fast becoming one of Hollywood's leading men. Recently seen on the British big screen in Dreamer, the 35-year-old has progressed greatly since he graduated from the Old Vic Theatre School in Bristol.
Outsource to Jerusalem
Jerusalem is looking to sell itself as the place to choose for outsourcing of services including customer support and other business processes. The Israeli capital says it has the people, resources and structure to deliver a world class service at a low cost.
Watching TV online
If you've always wanted to find out what TV broadcasters are producing in other countries, then an Israeli-based company has provided a software download that allows users to view TV channels from all around world.
banana and chocolate pastry bite
Baking with Elsa
Elsa's Story is a range of premium cookies and snacks from Israel. We sample one of their recent creations, Banana and Chocolate Pastry Bites, and try to find out more about the elusive Elsa.
Center Hotel Tel Aviv
Center attraction
Planning to visit Israel and want to go to Tel Aviv? Well, if you want to get maximum value for money out of your sleeping arrangements, a stay at the Center Hotel could well fit your budget and provide exactly what you are looking for.
More than blind luck
A 53-year old Israeli who was blinded over 25 years ago while serving in the Israeli army is the toast of Israel's golfing community. Zohar Sharon stunned golf fans in Israel and across the world with a recent hole in one.
Ten Commandments diamond
Diamonds forever
In the run up to Chanukah, what can you get for your nearest and dearest? How about some unique precious stones or jewellery and getting them direct form Israel? Well, is offering a vast range of products to buy.
Moshav Band
Moshav men make music
With the release of The Best of The Moshav Band – Higher And Higher, music fans can now connect with one of Israel's finest exports who offer a blend of rock/folk, fused with Jewish spiritual insights.
Play to win big
One of the leading companies behind the scenes in powering many of the online casinos in which people play is Playtech. This Israeli founded business powers a real A-Z of major casinos including Aspinalls and Titan Poker.
Making mobile phones secure
Protecting mobiles
Everyone is well aware these days of the threat of viruses on a PC, but what about a mobile phone or even a hand held organiser? An Israeli company, Discretix is at the forefront in developing technology to prevent attacks on mobiles.
Yaden kabanos
Tasty kabanos
Kabanos are a traditional polish sausage. Dry and slightly smokey they are ready to eat as is. Israeli food giant Yarden offers two types of turkey kabanos - mini and regular size which are ideal on their own or adding to a meal.
Think Israel
Israel, here I come!
The Israeli tourist office wants more people to visit Israel and what can be more tempting than to get a female wearing a bikini to tempt tourists to the Middle East?
Jerusalem Half Marathon
Run, sweat and tears of joy
British Jews are being invited to compete in a number of annual Israeli marathons taking place throughout 2006. Taking part is a great way to see the country as you run.
Keep busy to prevent Alzheimer's
Throw out the TV and write a book instead is the message from Israel if you want to delay the development of Alzheimer's disease. Reading, writing and generally being busy are some of the activities that can help to prevent the development of the brain disease. © 2005 - 2006 | a JMT Ventures site | Contact Us | Terms of Use